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Saturday, June 2, 2007

F. de la Fuente, the author

Francisco de Asís J. de la Fuente.

Computer developer by pure vocation with which since I was a child I started to program with the MSX-Philips   programming with the MSX-Philips that my parents gave me for my 15th birthday,  and even before that, an enthusiast of robotics, and hoping that life would give me enough time for  enough time for technology to turn science-fiction into reality.  science fiction into reality.

It's getting slow for me. Honestly.

Passionate about music and other arts in such a way that I am not only a spectator of them, but I also like to participate in their creations. On an amateur level, I do my first steps as a musical and literary composer, and in my adolescence I was lucky to be part of a radio and television   I was lucky enough to be part of a radio station and a local television station.

Observer of detail, and absent-minded of the everyday. A lover of literature and sciences, and of small human follies and eccentricities.

Tremendously curious. So much so... that when I see something that doesn't work, I don't stop until I discover it. That's how I discovered, and was diagnosed as an adult, my ADHD and my Celiac Disease.

A devourer of articles and essays on subjects as diverse as advertising and communication, social psychology... and of course on the most innovative technology, and although I program a small "i-robot" robot, I always wanted to have been able to enjoy an Aibo at home.

And with all this... with a clear objective: to LIVE every moment with intensity.

Come on... I'm just a normal guy who doesn't really know what direction this blog is going to take... but... this blog... but... does it matter? Each article, in itself, will be the one that awakens interest in each of you, if that's the case.

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